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  • L’Antichambre

    A unique souvenir of a Brussels escapade,

    Why not immortalize it by creating your own perfume, a unique fragrance that will bear the name you have chosen.

    This perfume will resemble you, will sublimate you, will mark your memories forever.

    This formula will be yours, exclusive, its reproduction will be possible only with your consent!

    You will be taken in hand by Pascale in this olfactory exploration; the different essences that you will select will be assembled by her in order to obtain the perfect fragrance!

    Your formula will be jealously guarded, totally exclusive, it can only be reproduced with your permission.

    Whatever the occasion, only you will know its secrets.

    If diamonds are eternal, this perfume will be unique...

    Duration : 2 hours

    • Create your own perfume from A to Z
    • Choose the exclusive name & the bottle from the shop’s bottle selection
    • Perfum 100ml

    Price : 210€ TTC
    Reservation : between 11.00 and 18.00

    *Subject to availability and inform us 18h in advance

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